Zaatar and Olive Oil Pair

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Pair Tyme Food's one-of-a kind wild zaatar mix and most bright and flavorful olive oil for an authentic, fresh, savory, and most delicious taste and heritage of the Levant!

Tyme Foods' pure blend contains 30% zaatar herb (also referred to as wild thyme, Syrian or Lebanese oregano) 30% Sumac, and 30% roasted sesame seeds, and 10% unrefined Mediterranean sea salt.  It is a gluten free zaatar mix. The zaatar herb is grown from seeds of wild zaatar found on the mountainous hills of Southern Lebanon and is known to produce very flavorful zaatar herb because of its high essential oil content

This olive oil is sourced from single olive grove in the South of Lebanon and from the same farming cooperative as our zaatar. If you didn't know that olives are fruit, you would know it after tasting this olive oil!  It offers rich fruit juice texture and strong olive flavor with slight spicy and bitter after taste. It is certified organic by the European agrifood organization ccpb. The olive oil is very rich and raw, or unrefined which means it contains fine pulp of green olives. It is pressed the same day the ripe green olives are picked to minimize oxidation, and this batch was tested for 0.37% acidity.

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Best I have had

I have eaten Zaatar in the past & made my own but this Zaatar is the best. It is excellent sprinkled on meats, in saled & especially tasty added to the olive oil with bread dipped into it. It has a clean, not bitter or astringent taste. I am looking forward to trying it in other recipes from the web site.

The olive oil I bought with the Zaarat has a lighter, more delicate tast that pairs very well with Zaatar as it does not over power the taste of the Zaatar, great combo.

Perfect Zaatar

Perfect Zaatar and olive

Best Zaatar

I love this zaatar. It is the best I have found. A few months ago, there was a bit of a problem with crunchy bits in the blend, but that has been resolved. No issues at all. Love the stuff. I consume it large amounts, mostly with olive oil and bread. Highly recommended.

The olive oil, which I bought with the zaatar, is pretty good. Not my favorite, but not bad at all. I've grown accustomed to some California olive oil, so maybe my taste buds have to adjust. I'd recommend giving the olive oil a try. .... And definitely buy the zaatar!

Olive oil

Can’t find any better and I would to reorder soon.
This Olive oil is the real authentic taste.
One the best
Thank you

Beyond Wonderful!

Zaatar seasoning and olive oil bring out the flavors and add harmonious tastes, that enhance my foods. They are taking my meals to the next level of flavor.