For the Love of Thyme – Six-minute film documentary on sustainability and cultivation of the wild zaatar herb in Lebanon

This six minute film is the story of our partner and source of our zaatar.  The film was produced for a cultural and heritage of Lebanon exhibition by a gifted producer Nay Aoun.  In the context of protecting the land and the zaatar plant, it is a story of enterprising, faith, love, and beauty of people and the region.  It also touches on tangled conflicts in the Middle East and particularly Lebanon and contains personal perspectives. 

Mr. Neimeh is the past (and presently honorary) director of the Zaatar Zawtar Agricultural Cooperative in South of Lebanon. He is known to be the pioneer in the relatively recent and sustainable cultivation of the zaatar herb in the Middle East. His purpose, passion, and generosity drives him to share freely the science and art of his craft with whomever asks. 

Tyme Foods LLC is proud to be the exclusive agent and distributor in North America for Mr. Neimeh's zaatar plantation cooperative.  It is the source of our retail and wholesale zaatar products including zaatar leaf, for tea making. 

For the Love of Thyme: The Man Who Cultivates Lebanon’s Wild Herb from Nay Aoun on Vimeo.


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  • Wonderful film about passion and respect for the land. Your za’atar comes closest to what I remember on manoosh living in Beirut in the 1960’s. I have never found anything like that since (until now).


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