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We offer a money back guarantee (less shipping) (1) if you do not find Tyme Foods' Zaatar, the most fresh, flavorful, and delicious, or are not satisfied for any reason.
Our Zaatar is mixed in small batches and using the most recent harvests of Zaatar, Sumac, and Sesame seeds.

About Tyme Foods

Tyme Foods is a recently formed company organized to offer delicious, authentic, and healthy foods from the Levant Mediterranean culinary heritage. To best satisfy our quality and transparency standards, we import and test ingredients at a US lab for microbiology and heavy metals.  We process, mix, and pack the zaatar at a licensed food facility in the state of Virginia, United States**.

Za'atar stand at farmers marketOne of our initial target products is Zaatar, which we think at some point will be the next Hummus in popularity because of its simplicity and many relishes.  Tyme Foods is the exclusive packer and distributor in the United States and Canada for the Zaatar Zawtar farming cooperative in Lebanon. The cooperative has been perfecting the sustainable and organic cultivation of the mainstay Zaatar herb (also referred to as bible hyssop, and Syrian Oregano) ingredient for over twenty years.  Our zaatar is grown from seeds of wild zaatar herb found on mountainous hills of Southern Lebanon (jabal Amel) and offers intense flavors, due to factors including its high essential oil content (up to 40 grams per kg ( or 4%), as compared to 1 to 12 g per kg in zaatar of other regions)

Importantly, the cooperative applies a labor-intensive washing and sifting process (by hand and using sifters) which distills only the smaller leaves (versus stems and twigs) of the zaatar/hyssop plant that are more tender and flavorful. Additional processing such as an air blower process rids the leaves of cottony velvety layer which enhances purity and flavor.

The heritage of Za'atar, dating back to thousands of years is not without good reason.  It is wonderful food for its simplicity, goodness, and savory taste, and many relishes. We're passionate about making great quality Za'atar easily accessible here in the United States and Canada.

zaatar farm in lebanon and hills where wild thyme grows

As discussed in the About Zaatar page, not all “Zaatar” is Zaatar, so to speak.  The qualities, choices, and proportions of the ingredients vary widely.   We invite you to try our honest and Gluten-Free Zaatar Mix or our high essential oil content zaatar leaves for tea making and health benefits.  We also invite you to browse our web pages including recipes using zaatar spice mix, and stories about the heritage of zaatar.  Sincerely,

Elaine, Founder

Tyme Foods



Returns and Refunds

(1) If within 30 days of receiving your order, you are not satisfied with the product, we accept returns in exchange for a full refund less shipping charges.  For example, and within the USA, shipping charges that would be deducted from the refund, amount to about $5 for one 8 OZ pouch of Zaatar.  To initiate a return, please reach us via our contact page.


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** Commonwealth of Virginia - Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Tyme Food LLC Firm # 2324401.



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