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" happy to find.. This is the real stuff. No toasted wheat, no thyme substitutes. Zaatar that our grandparents would be proud of!" Product Review by Anthony M and Leila E.

The Most Authentic & Flavorful Zaatar

Contains No Fillings, and 30% Real  Zaatar Herb (Wild Thyme)

Cultivated and Farm Made in Lebanon - Packced in the United States


An Authentic Zaatar Offering with Real Wild Thyme Herb

Tyme Foods is proud to offer what we believe is the most flavorful and highest quality Zaatar on the market, conveniently delivered to your home or restaurant. We think it's about time that a true and flavorful authentic blend of this wonderful and ancient staple of East Mediterranean cuisine is easily accessible. 

Enjoy its simplicity and goodness by dunking fresh bread into olive oil then the Za'atar - sprinkle it on salads, soups, and sandwiches - stir it into a yogurt - knead it into dough and pastry – and experiment with its many culinary possibilities.

Loved by Children

delicious with a brainy food reputation!

Astonishingly Simple to Enjoy

A kitchen table staple - always on hand and non-perishable!

Many Culinary Incarnations

tangy, zesty, lemony, nutty, crunchy - sprinkle it on almost any food!