Loved by Children and Grown-Ups Alike!

Delicious with a Brainy Food Reputation!

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Many Culinary Incarnations

Tasty, Zesty, Earthy, and Tangy Condiment - Sprinkle it on Many Foods! See Recipe Ideas Here

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Astonishingly Simple to Enjoy

A Kitchen Table Staple - Always on Hand and Non-Perishable!

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Pair our Zaatar with Unfiltered Single-Grove Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A 2020 Golden Harvest from South of Lebanon/Upper Galilee.. Fruity and Delicious (tested at very low 0.19% acidity)

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Welcome to our Zaatar Store !

Tyme Foods is proud to offer what we believe is the most flavorful and highest quality zaatar mix on the market, conveniently delivered to your home or restaurant. We think it's about time that a genuine and transparent artisan made blend of this wonderful and ancient staple of East Mediterranean kitchens is easily accessible. 

Enjoy its simplicity and goodness by dunking fresh bread into olive oil then the zaatar - sprinkle it on salads, soups, and sandwiches - stir it into a yogurt - knead it into dough and pastry – and experiment with its many culinary possibilities.

Please reach me here with any questions or feedback you may have.  Sincerely,

Elaine Shadid, Founder

Flavorfull Za'atar Made with Genuine Syrian Oregano (Origanum Syriacum)

No Fillers - No Substitutes - Gluten Free

Organic - Fair Trade

Watch a 6-Minute Documentary of our Sustainable Cultivation of Zaatar
(watch 6 minute documentary on our Sustainable Cultivation of Zaatar)

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Let customers speak for us

219 reviews
Just the right balance

I love this blend much more than others I have tried. Just the right amount of salt. I sprinkle on homemade hummus and store bought flat bread. Yum! The olive oil is exceptional too!

Delicious and the zaatar is very celestial, great herbs for lots of dishes.

Great Quality!

I am so happy to have found a great quality, sesame free zaatar for my baby who is allergic to sesame seeds! High quality, great taste, we love it!

Awesome Zaatar

I’ve repeatedly bought zaatar from the NYC spice retailer and this blend is significantly better. The zaatar smells and tastes so much fresher, with stronger herbal tones. I purchased the sesame-free version for Passover and can’t wait to try the sesame zaatar blend.

Za'atar Salt-Free Blend - Gluten-Free with Genuine Zaatar Herb (Origanum Syriacum-Hyssop)