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Za'atar Pure Blend - No Salt by Tyme Foods

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Tyme Foods' pure no salt blend contains 33.3% zaatar herb (also referred to as wild thyme, Syrian or Lebanese oregano), 33.3% Sumac, and 33.3% roasted sesame seeds.  It does not contain any salt.  The lack of salt unmasks the slightly bitter and spicy flavor of the wild thyme and sharper flavor of the sumac. 

As with the classic blend, The zaatar herb is grown from seeds of wild zaatar found on the mountainous hills of Southern Lebanon and is known to produce very flavorful zaatar herb because of its high essential oil content (about 1 gram per ounce, and 4 to 40 times multiple the oil content of zaatar herbs from other regions.)The sumac and sesame are also grown in Southern Lebanon.

This is a premium classic zaatar blend as compared to low quality commercial and common grades found elsewhere, which may contain wheat and other (often unknown!) fillings to increase volume, citric acid or other artificial substitutes in place of the Sumac, or importantly, low grade zaatar herb (wild thyme.)

We offer this zaatar in a relatively generous eight ounce portion because we are confident you will enjoy it beyond a seasoning or spice.  Try it as a dip food by dunking fresh bread or vegetable into olive oil then the Zaatar - sprinkle it on salads, soups, and sandwiches - stir it into a yogurt - knead it into dough and pastry - and experiment with its many culinary possibilities.

Currently shipping Zaatar that was manufactured (ground and mixed) in March of 2017. Best enjoyed before March 1, 2019. Store in airtight container in dry place away from heat or sunlight.