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Best I have had

I have eaten Zaatar in the past & made my own but this Zaatar is the best. It is excellent sprinkled on meats, in saled & especially tasty added to the olive oil with bread dipped into it. It has a clean, not bitter or astringent taste. I am looking forward to trying it in other recipes from the web site.

The olive oil I bought with the Zaarat has a lighter, more delicate tast that pairs very well with Zaatar as it does not over power the taste of the Zaatar, great combo.

Za'atar Pure Blend with Real Wild Thyme (Hyssop)

Great Za'atar!

Thank you! The transaction went very smoothly and the items were well-packaged. Most importantly, the Za'atar is wonderful, bringing us back to our trip to the Middle East. We hope to be a return customer.

We love it

Our Son has allergy to sesame seeds, so this was perfect for him.




I've used others . Gave the others away after I found this one.

Great product

Delivery was very quick and I love this product!

love this blend!

I made a frittata with kale, summer squash, olives and feta. The Za’atar added an authentic mediterranean flavor with a tangy edge to it! So delicious! I also added it to my sourdough bread baking- YUMMY!!

It test fresh and very good and takes me back 70 years!

It is fresh and tastes very good as my 78 year old tastebuds tell me. I also wrote about how we, kids and grandma, used to go and collect the Zaatar , we used the Turkish name Kekik because she was born in Turkey and came to Lebanon during the Genocide. We dried it and blended it with roasted chickpeas, damme, and pumpkin seeds. We used to crush them and mix them with the Zaatar then the blend was mixed with Koura olive oil and had it for breakfast with French loaf.

Awful taste

We regret you disliking the zaatar so much. Once in a while, we get a reaction or a question like wether its an acquired taste, and maybe it is for some palates. Can you tell us how you used it? Do you try simply dipping a piece of baguette or pita bread in good olive oil then the zaatar? We be happy to refund you what you paid, less shipping, per our money-back guarantee. Do you want the refund?
Excellent Product and Fast Service

I ordered this on a Saturday morning and it arrived on Monday - now that is fast order processing and shipping!

I have been a long time user of this type of spice, but this was my first purchase from this company, and their zaatar is the best tasting I have ever tried. Very fragrant in the package, and tastes amazing. I highly recommend this product and the outstanding service of Tyme Foods!

Instantly Hooked and Wonderful Service

Zaatar is a delicious and healthful addition to my ecclectic fusion tastes and I now know what my hummus has been missing. I got a bonus sample with my order, which was generous and customer service graciously helped me combine two separate orders for shipping convenience. On top of that, this is the only fresh-looking zaatar I found with hyssop and the sumac is fresh and bright too.


It is one of the best zaatar I had in United States. It remind me of my grandmother's.

Perfect Zaatar

Perfect Zaatar and olive

Best Zaatar

I have been buying this za'atar for some time now, and it remains my favorite by far. I eat lots of it, especially with good olive oil (such as that available from Eat Zaatar), and non-gluten bread. One of the many great things about this za'atar is that it is gluten free, whereas many other brands have wheat. Even if wheat is not an issue for you, you'll find this to be an exceptionally good product. The customer service is great too.

It is hard to find quality Za'atar, really appreciate this company

Great price and service. Already have done several recipes that were pining for Za'atar


I am not crazy about the taste

A very nice olive oil

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a very nice oil. It is rich and tasty, and I like that it is unfiltered. Being organic and from a Lebanese farm cooperative gives it extra points too. I am on my second bottle and going through it quickly. I highly recommend the oil. Also, customer service is terrific. This is a great company to buy from - they really care about quality and about their customers.

The Best Olive Oil

I used to search the best and pure olive oil all the time, but no more, i found eatzaatar on google and bought their olive oil once i received my order and tasted i was like this is eat no more search for olive oil this is what i have been looking. I re-ordered another one before i finish my bottle and will continue ordering.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Single Grove - Unfiltered with Green Olive Pulp

Too much sumac for me

This may be an authentic zaatar, but I found the taste more sour than I enjoy.

Best Zaatar

I love this zaatar. It is the best I have found. A few months ago, there was a bit of a problem with crunchy bits in the blend, but that has been resolved. No issues at all. Love the stuff. I consume it large amounts, mostly with olive oil and bread. Highly recommended.

The olive oil, which I bought with the zaatar, is pretty good. Not my favorite, but not bad at all. I've grown accustomed to some California olive oil, so maybe my taste buds have to adjust. I'd recommend giving the olive oil a try. .... And definitely buy the zaatar!

Olive oil

Can’t find any better and I would to reorder soon.
This Olive oil is the real authentic taste.
One the best
Thank you