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The zaatar is amazing. One of the best quality zaatar ever. The thyme burst in aroma abd flavor. Unlike many other zaatar brands this is not very sour and not overly salty. I lovd it.

Great tasting ZA'ATAR

I really enjoyed this Za'atar. I do prefer the unsalted kind.
Thank you for making this available.

Very satisfied!

The za'atar has a strong and tangy flavor, which I really like. I can tell the spices are very fresh. Can give a flavor boost to so many foods. But my favorite way to eat it is with flatbread and olive oil. Second favorite is mixed with yogurt.


I really did not like it. Horrible customer service

Hello Sophia, We regret you not liking the zaatar, and of course its a personal taste and preference. Is this your first time trying zaatar? Also, what did we do or not do, that was bad about our customer service? Thanks for the feedback.
Sader meal

We tried it at home on baked chicken and loved it. Will be using it at our Sader meal at. Church this Wednesday evening.

wonderful blend!

i had gotten another zaatar at a local shop and it was way too salty. this is perfect, good quantity, fast shipping. i will purchase again.


I have really enjoyed this spice blend very much. I love it roasted chicken! Will be buying again.

Maneesh days

Nice tangy mix of herbs. Taste exactly like the mix I've bought at Sams Syrian bakery in Fall River, Ma.

Awesome tasting spice.

This is the finest Za'atar I have tasted. Adding some to everything lately!!

Za'atar on everything!

I was introduced to za'atar about eight months ago and now I don't know how I'd get along without it! I love it in rice, quinoa, in legume soups and stews, on vegetables and on scrambled eggs. I share my za'atar with friends to introduce them to this wonderful spice. It's got a distinct flavor but never overpowers the dish. I love it!

zaatar lover.

this is the best tasting Zaatar I ever had since I left Lebanon 50 years ago.
The unfiltered Extra Virgin olive oil is Great.

Very tasty mix of spices!

I really like your za'atar! First it surprised me how tangy the flavor is, but I enjoyed the taste. I mixed some in plain yogurt, and I loved it! Now I look forward to eating a lot more yogurt since it is much better because of the za'atar. (I should eat more yogurt for health reasons but wasn't crazy about it). I look forward to trying the za'atar with bread, and experimenting with other foods. Thanks!

Great spice,fast delivery

Versitile spice

Zaatar Pute Blend

Arrived as promised. Product was as described and I’m looking forward to using it in several recipes. Much better than the stuff you can buy in your grocery store.


So glad I found this site, we really like Za'Atar spice!


Haven't tried it yet. But anything from Israel is great!!!!


Outstanding product. I first used it making my manouche


I made hummus and your Zaatar baked chicken recipe. Wonderful! Zaatar is a new flavor to me and I enjoyed it. The fragrance filled and warmed the kitchen on a recent wintry day. I have also shared the spice with my brother-in-law and daughter. Thank you!

Excellent addition to pork & beef rub

I tried your zataar this past summer and we were less than impressed with its flavor; nothing wrong with your product but simply not our taste. Well... I received a Cookshack smoker last week and added your zataar to my home-made rub and it adds a wonderful lemony/sage/sesame spin. I use it on both pork and beef with great results. My rub: sugar, salt, onion & garlic powder, cayenne pepper, chili powder, powdered mustard, and... zataar. Lots of zataar. Very unique and bright addition; it compliments the meat and adds a unique taste that is delightful. Thanks for a great product!

Great fresh flavor

Can really taste all of the ingredients

I use it on streamed veggie and other things

Love it; large supply too!!!

Amazingly delicious

Amazingly delicious unique herb blend! Learned about this from a Lebanese friend and so happy to have found a source.

Reminds me of my childhood!

As kids, we used to pick wild zaatar and sumac and our parents would dry it and mix it..., it has been over 40 years since I tasted a fresh batch of zaatar. Thank you so much for reintroducing this wonderful taste into my life!


Za'atar Pure Blend by Tyme Foods

High quality, genuine Zaarar

We were so happy to find such a high quality zaatar. This is the real stuff. No toasted wheat, no thyme substitutes. Zaatar that our grandparents would be proud of!

Organic and Delicious

In the past I have brought za'atar back with me from the Middle East of Saudi friends in South America. I am so please to find a source, a delicious source, in the USA. This week I added it to homemade leek and potato soup because I was out of thyme and it was the best ever.

Brought my memory back to Dubai

I was looking to buy Zaatar and came across someone's recommendation to this company on a comment somewhere. Emailed customer service for some clarification and the reply was quick. Good first impression and very professional!
I received it safely in Toronto, CA, came along with a complimentary gift (such a nice gesture, I really appreciate it) and soon after used it on a flatbread and topping for Challah, it was DELICIOUS! It's as good as when I used to eat it on manakish when I lived in the Middle East. Yummy! Highly recommended.

Za'atar Pure Blend

Excellent Za'atar!


This Zaatar is fantastic. Fresh, flavorful -- we just love it!

Acquired taste??

Read the great reviews, got all revved up, & had to try it. Made the chicken breasts & the potatoes immediately upon delivery and... this is not for us. The taste is reminiscent of cumin with a dash of lemon salt; neither a fave. I'll find a middle eastern type to give it to; maybe they'll like it more. Sorry for the negative review but it is what it is.

Thank you much for sharing. We like to think it’s immediate (or not..) liking rather than gradual, especially our brand as we believe it is the best zaatar available. To judge the zaatar on its own, and per the traditional way of enjoying it, try dipping fresh bread in good olive oil then the zaatar. What do you think of it as dip food?
>> Doc replied about Za'atar Pure Blend by Tyme Foods: I tried... At your urging (& to be fair); a nice crusty french bread; dipped first in extra virgin imported olive oil then in Zaatar; and... bitter, not good. The bitterness is reminiscent of dried oregano. The same bread dipped in olive oil & fresh grated parmesan... delish. The quality of your product is not suspect; it appears first rate; but the flavor profile is too earthy; not for me; and frankly I see why it is uncommon here in America.
>> replied: Can’t argue you tried, with the nice crusty French bread and excellent extra virgin olive oil.. thanks again for taking the time. To us, the zaatar sprinkled on that fresh grated parmesan sounds delish also :)
Love It

First time I had Zaatar was on lamb chops at a restaurant. It was great. Then decided to order some and try it out as well. Leg of Lamb in the near future.

Wild Thyme

The best Lebanese zaatar.
I recommend it to all Zaatar lovers.

Great Za'atar

Overall the za'atar arrived fresh, aromatic, and flavorful. But use it quickly - or transfer to a more airtight container - as it doesn't stay fresh in the ziplock pouch for long. Would definitely order again.

Thank you for the feedback and we agree on storage.. this quality Zaatar is too valuable not to store as best as you can. The pouches we use are thick barrier material, airtight zippered, and FDA and USDA compliant. Yet, ideally air tight glass container away from sunlight is best.
Great product

I have eaten authentic za'atar from Jordan and this is such a precise duplicate. Excellent product.

Zaatar review

I like your product very much. The only zaatar I've had that's better is that i brought from Jordan when there. Only complaint: too expensive.

Love it!

I am new to Zaatar. I bought some at the Great Falls Farmers Market and I am in love with it! I put it on chicken and roasted vegetables and of course with olive oil and bread for dipping. I recently bought some as a gift - loved by all! Thank you for introducing me to this spice blend.

Za'atar Pure Blend by Tyme Foods

I can't give a fair review of this product at this point because it only arrived yesterday, so I've not yet had a chance to actually use it. However the company has already requested a product review twice so this is what they are getting!

Again, sorry for untimely and redundant notification. It was unintentional and a result of us experimenting with new with technical settings.
Still waiting for my order.

Although I am anxiously awaiting a taste of your zaatar spice. My order has still not arrived yet. It appears to be stuck in dither USPS postal facility in Jamaica NY, where it has been for several days.

2 star

Gave me allergic reaction

Again, we regret to hear that. Our ingredients are strictly the wild thyme/zaatar herb (which are in same mint family as orgeano-thyme-marjoram), sumac, and sesame seeds, sea salt (or the no salt option).
The Best!

This za'atar no salt is the best we have ever had, including from local Lebanese grocery. The wild thyme in it has much more flavor than regular thyme, and who needs salt? I want to use it freely, then salt to my taste.


Anyone tasting food seasoned with this Za'atar wants to know what was used and where they can get some also. Very pleased with purchase!'atar

Really good would have liked a bit more sumac. Very fresh. Excellent product.

Fresh and delicious!

I received my order super fast. The zaatar has the right amount of all the ingredients combined and you can tell it is fresh. The flavor is delicious and I'm very pleased with my purchase.

Zaatar Pure Blend

Tasty! great on just about everything..eggs, stuffed peppers, dip,salads...enjoy!


Very, very fresh and aromatic. Tried it on sprinkled on Greek pita bread with olive oil. It was delicious.

Chicken Zaatar

Your Zaatar is wonderful. I used it mixed with a little flour to coat chicken breasts before browning/cooking. Then I used the fond to make a light gravy with shallots and garlic, then adding juice a lemon and a couple Ttbs of water for a little reduction. Yum.

The No Salt blend is excellent

Really nice mix w a good hit of wild thyme & sumac...delicious! I tend to add a bit more toasted sesame seeds because I love them, & it makes up for the salt (avoiding it for health reasons). A great find...

All products are very tasty and fresh

The Zaatar is excellent for all uses! I sprinkle the plain thyme and sumac in my hot tea.. It's so much easier than finding, cleaning and grinding local VA sumac, which we used to make a cold lemonade-like drink.


We love it. Our kids really enjoy it.