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Unsalted Zatar

Product was tasty. Great to find a different herb blend without salt. Arrived promptly and packaged well.

My new favorite spice!

I loved this combination. First time i have cooked with it. Was in Israel a few weeks ago and bought some Za'atar in the spice market....i do not like it as much as yours..Thank you.

Amazing quality

A Lebanese girl that can’t eat gluten.....FINALLY CAN EAT ZA’ATAR! This was a perfect balance: right amount of tartness and salt without the wheat. I will definitely purchase again.

Very happy with the wholesale size bag!

The zaatar was so fresh and tasty. Had to move up to the large size because we like it so much we go through the small bags too quickly! Thank you!

Za'atar review

It is a joy to have "the real thing" in our cabinet as we explore Middle Eastern cooking. We like to prepare ourselves what's not available locally and we are very satisfied with your za'atar! A very pleasing smell and taste!

Delicious Za’atar

The Za’atar spice is delectable adding a fresh new taste to vegetables and meats!

Favorite spice now

Love that wild thyme

Best Zaatar

This is the best Zaatar I have ever had, and I tried several brands. I especially like it because it does not have sesame seeds.

Versitile Zaatar

I bought a bag of hyssop, sold ostensibly as a tea, although I bought it in order to make my own zaatar from scratch. The herb has an unusual peppery flavor, but that does not get at the complexity of the taste. The zaatar blend I made with this hyssop as the foundational herb was excellent. I prepared potato wedges, dressing them with olive oil and my zaatar mix, for some thirty people. These trays of potatoes -- real soul food -- were gone in no time! I also received a complementary sample pack of premixed zaatar which is excellent. My next culinary plan is to try dressing a loaf of bread with it. Instead of garlic bread, I'll make zaatar bread. Highly recommended!

Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil we have ever tasted!

We use this product for everything, we flavor food with it, we cook with it, and we eat it as a dip just as it is. It is the most flavorful olive oil we have found, and we are picky about olive oil. It is fresh and delicious. It cooks cleanly and there is absolutely no bitter aftertaste, like you get from mass produced, cheap products. Zaatar Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the "secret ingredient" in many favorite dishes at our home.

Fresh and Strong

If you haven't tried this before this is has a complex Thyme flavor which makes the traditional poultry turkey blend seem old and tired. I purchased Sumac too, just out of curiosity, and am using it instead of citrus in savory dishes. No one will guess the use of this "fruit!" Plus the package arrived almost before I checked my email confirmation. Great choice of company.

Authentic Zaatar

I’ve eaten homemade zaatar my entire life. I had to go on a low salt diet and this product taste just like my mom’s.

I'm a convert

I'm relatively new to Za'atar after dining with friends at a famous Brooklyn middle eastern restaurant. I love being able to enjoy it now at home. Wonderful on my goat cheese sandwiches!!

This is the real McCoy!

I received your wonderful product and checked the aroma--perfect! I have a Greek friend who gave me some nice pita, so I fired up the broiler, applied olive oil and a generous portion of your zaatar, toasted for a couple of minutes and tasted (with some nice yogurt). Wonderful. Very much as I remember my Grandmother's zaatar. And, while I still have a decent amount remaining, I am using it regularly and enjoying it thoroughly!

Beyond Wonderful!

Zaatar seasoning and olive oil bring out the flavors and add harmonious tastes, that enhance my foods. They are taking my meals to the next level of flavor.


An excellent & quality product! Shipping was very fast also! Thank you.


Za'atar adds a tasty kick to recipes that call for dried thyme and other herbs. It's not so hot as to trigger acid reflux--at least in me.

superb taste

Wild, fresh taste. Other types of thyme are stale compared to this stuff. I was not even a fan of thyme until I tried this. I use it regularly on anything... chicken, eggs, potatoes. A little goes along ways.

The Real Deal

Tastes like I remember from years ago.

True sumac

Fresh and lemony, you can make lemonade with it!


The zaatar is amazing. One of the best quality zaatar ever. The thyme burst in aroma abd flavor. Unlike many other zaatar brands this is not very sour and not overly salty. I lovd it.

Great tasting ZA'ATAR

I really enjoyed this Za'atar. I do prefer the unsalted kind.
Thank you for making this available.

Very satisfied!

The za'atar has a strong and tangy flavor, which I really like. I can tell the spices are very fresh. Can give a flavor boost to so many foods. But my favorite way to eat it is with flatbread and olive oil. Second favorite is mixed with yogurt.


I really did not like it. Horrible customer service

Hello Sophia, We regret you not liking the zaatar, and of course its a personal taste and preference. Is this your first time trying zaatar? Also, what did we do or not do, that was bad about our customer service? Thanks for the feedback.