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Having hypertension, I needed a tasty salt-free zaatar. Yours “fills the bill”

Best Sumac

I have been buying this sumac from for about a year. I have tried other sources but find theirs to be the freshest, tastiest & lemony flavor that I prefer.
I usually have some mixed with their Zaatar Herb & olive oil every morning for breakfast.


First, the taste is DELICIOUS. I love adding this to simple recipes like roasted chicken etc. It's a fabulous flavor change/addition. My daughter has celiacs. She has no issue with this spice. It's gluten free. We love it! Thank you!

high quality and delicious

I would recommend. High quality ingredients, nicely proportioned ingredients, reasonable price. So happy I found you!

Splendid Za‘atar

Lived many years in the Middle East, and Za‘atar was a daily staple used in our kitchen, It is hard to find that quality of herbal mixture anywhere outside its origin, yours is the best. I, too, enjoy your Thyme/Lebanese Oregano/hyssop tea for its taste and medicinal qualities. Great products!

Perfect blend. The real deal!

From someone who grew up with authentic Lebanese cooking.

Really god!!!

Fresh and tasty.. a great addition to salads and just about anything to ramp up the flavor without adding salt!!

Need to buy more Zaatar!!!

This has the perfect ratio of salt and herbs, will continue to purchase since I use it everyday.

Awesome spice.

I use this almost exclusively in any recipe calling for carmelized onions

It’s delicious!

Zataar is great as a seasoning over scrambled eggs, as a condiment with olive oil for pita or carrot sticks. This zataar in particular is delicious. Especially with the company’s olive oil.

Easily the most fragrant and fresh!

Very delighted with the quality of this Za'atar. Looking forward to re-ordering. Thank you for the quick turnaround. I'm using this as a spice in many recipes!

Thyme Tea - Loose Leaf Za'tar (Hyssop - Origanum Syriacum) - Lebanese Oregano Tea

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Single Grove - Unfiltered - Mild and Full Flavor
P B.

This is delicious olive oil.


This far the best lebanese zaatar you can find in the US.
It has a unique smell, and taste is unique.

Got the order on time the quality of tea is good,would definitely
Order again.

Don't like.

It does not taste like the previous Zatar that I have purchased (different brand). I do not like the taste.

zaatar king

by far this is the purest and cleanest and tastiest zaatar . much,much better than all middle eastern countries put together.

Great taste!

I’m happy with my purchase. It tastes just as Zaathar should and I’m very happy it’s gluten free.

Delicious, Gluten free - authentic but...

No kosher certification. Disappointed.

Excellent quality. Great taste.
We wish it were not so expensive.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Single Grove - Unfiltered - Mild and Full Flavor
Carmen O.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Single Grove - Unfiltered - Mild and Full Flavor

Authetntic & Flexible

Growing up, I could never eat Zaatar with my friends & family, because of my sesame seed allergy. Now I'm finally able to enjoy this delicious herb without worry.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Single Grove - Unfiltered - Mild and Full Flavor
Best Olive Oil I have ever tasted

Taste like a fruit, not oil.

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