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Loved it!

Delicious! We're all celiac & gluten intolerant, and we can finally enjoy some authentic tasting zaatar! Amazing products, thank you!

Za'atar Salt-Free Blend - Gluten-Free with Hyssop (Genuine Zaatar Herb - Origanum syriacum)

Zatar no sesame seeds

Wonderful but, would be even better and healthier without salt as well.

Excellent Sumac

This is what Sumac is supposed to taste like. Top notch product!

Nothing compares to this Zaatar

You will not be disappointed this is by far the best zaatar product on the market today. The quality and taste are evident the moment you try it. Do yourself a favor and get this. Phenomenal product that I wish I had found years ago.

the best Zaatar from LEBANON

I hope always to find this Zaatar

Buy the big bag!

I really love this zaatar! I am so hooked on it, and I always seem to run out with the smaller bags. The large bag is a good deal. Will definitely keep purchasing this in the future!

Amazing as always!

I have purchased this zaatar multiple times. It's always fresh, delicious and full of flavor. I haven't tried another brand of zaatar since I discovered Tyme Foods. I also purchase the sumac and it is wonderful as well.

Sumac is fresh and delicious

Excellent quality. I will definitely purchase again.


Very happy with my purchase, this is the real deal, not the stuff from supermarket made of thyme and Italian oregano.

Great zaatar

Very satisfied - great deal, great zaatar!

Zaatar Classic Blend - Gluten-Free with Hyssop (Genuine Zaatar Herb - Origanum syriacum)

Zara at blend

First time using. Tried this immediately and will definitely have to keep it stocked in my pantry!

Za'atar Salt-Free Blend - Gluten-Free with Hyssop (Genuine Zaatar Herb - Origanum syriacum)

Delicious and Good for You!

The Salt-Free Blend of Za'atar is delicious. I sprinkle it on my cabbage & sweet potato hash. It felt so healthy that I researched the herb and learned that Origanum is rich in essential oils that exhibit antimicrobial efficacy, anti-inflammatory efficacy, antioxidant activity, and antitumor efficacy. That is per the National Library of Medicine!,and%20breast%20cancer%20was%20also%20confirmed.%20%5B%2019%5D

Zaatar Classic Blend - Gluten-Free with Hyssop (Genuine Zaatar Herb - Origanum syriacum)

Deliciously Fresh Zaatar

Zaatar Herb was so fresh & Finley ground so that I could shake it from a shaker. I use it almost daily for breakfast in my bread & oil with sumac & cheese.

Zaatar Sesame-Free Blend - Gluten-Free with Hyssop (Genuine Zaatar Herb - Origanum syriacum)

10/10 would recommend.

A little zesty / citrus. Just the way I like it. Will be ordering again.

Love this Zaatar

Great Zaatar and my kids love it also 👍👍

Pure tasting

I am Mediterranean and this by far is the best Zaatar I have had and it’s made with simple and quality ingredients. You can definitely taste the difference.

The most authentic Zaatar!

I ordered zaatar mix and loose Zaatar in bulk as I ran out of the Zaatar I got from Lebanon. There is no brand in the USA that compares to eatzaatar. The ingredients are clean and clear. When I looked on the market for the zaatar Lebanese mix, I was shocked to see noncommon ingredients like wheat, spices, herb mix etc , . Eatzaatar brand is the real thing; it is like buying it from the rural Lebanese village where you find the best quality and most fragrant Zaatar.



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