Zaatar Sumac Pure Blend- without sesame seed - with Real Wild Thyme (Hyssop)

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This blend as same as Tyme Foods' Pure Blend but without sesame seeds. The ingredients are 45% wild thyme/hyssop, 45% sumac, and 10% unrefined sea salt.

As with all our blends, the zaatar herb is grown from seeds of wild zaatar/hyssop found on the mountainous hills of Southern Lebanon and is known to produce very flavorful zaatar herb because of its high essential oil content (about 1 gram per ounce, and 4 to 40 times multiple the oil content of zaatar herbs from other regions.)The sumac and sesame are also grown in Southern Lebanon.

This is a classic artisan made zaatar mixture as compared to low quality commercial and common grades, which often contain substitutes to the wild thyme/hyssop which is native to the Middle East, and contain wheat and other (often unknown!) fillings to increase volume, citric acid or other artificial substitutes in place of the Sumac.

We offer this zaatar in a relatively generous seven ounce portion because we are confident you will enjoy it beyond a seasoning or spice.  Try it as a dip food by dunking fresh bread or vegetable into olive oil then the zaatar - sprinkle it on salads, soups, and sandwiches - stir it into a yogurt - knead it into dough and pastry - and experiment with its many culinary possibilities.

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Amazing Zaatar (sesame free version)

Great option for family meals given our little guy has a sesame allergy.

Zaatar Sumac Pure Blend

This is delicious, thank you! I appreciate that you make zaatar available without sesame seeds, so I can add my own raw, organic seeds. Excellent on salads and roasted veggies with tahini and lemon juice. One bag lasts for several months, and it's so much fresher than what I can buy locally (not to mention that this zaatar has no unwelcome ingredients!). I'm very happy with this, thank you.


Tried putting on crescent rolls; was a hit at potluck!! Shared link to you with 3 friends. Can’t wait to try oven roasted veggies. I love trying and experimenting with new spices.

We love it

Our Son has allergy to sesame seeds, so this was perfect for him.