Zaatar Uses and Heritage Stories -

For the Love of Thyme – Six-minute film documentary on sustainability and cultivation of the wild zaatar herb in Lebanon

For the Love of Thyme – Six-minute film do...

The film was produced for a cultural and heritage of Lebanon exhibition by a gifted producer Nay Aoun.  It brings Leb...
"Thyme Travels" by Alia Ynis and photographer Tor Eigeland - our favorite story about zaatar spice  and dip food heritage

"Thyme Travels" by Alia Ynis and photograp...

A well done story in the cultural Aramco World on the culinary and cultural heritage of zaatar by a most gifted writt...
Identification of biblical hyssop and origin of the traditional oregano-group herbs in Mediterranean region

Identification of biblical hyssop and orig...

Can't say we exhausted the search in the academic circles about the zaatar herb, but this paper is one of our favorit...
Review: 'zaatar-a-spice-mix-with-biblical-roots-and-brain-food-reputation'

Review: 'zaatar-a-spice-mix-with-biblical-...

Well done and short story about zaatar in the Food History and Culture pages of National Public Radio website.  Durin...

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208 reviews
Tasty but overpriced

I loved the Z’aatar but it’s really expensive too comparing to the portion.

I love zataar

It was very good but more bitter than I expected so if you could tone down some of the bitter flavor, it would be good.

Tyme Foods Zaatar/Zatar Classic Blend - Gluten-Free With Genuine Za'tar Herb (Origanum Syriacum - Hyssop) - Organic Seasoning

Super authentic!

I've been trying for years to find zaatar that isn't just a mix of miscellaneous dry herbs. This is the real deal and it's a far superior quality to what you'll get in your high-end super markets or spice shops.