Zaatar Sesame-Free Blend - Gluten-Free with Genuine Zaatar Herb (Origanum Syriacum-Hyssop)

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Enjoy our authentic za'atar spice blend without sesame seeds for allergy reasons or to add your own portion and type of sesame seeds.  This blend only contains the genuine Za'atar herb, the sumac, and little sea salt (about 2.5% of the weight) It contains no other ingredients or fillers. It always a gluten-free and filler-free zaatar mix (and again, without sesame)

The mainstay Zaatar herb ingredient is sustainably and organically grown from seeds of wild Zaatar, also called Syrian Oregano or hyssop with scientific name of Origanum syriacum, and is found on the hills of Southern Lebanon and is known to produce very flavorful herb because of its high essential oil content (about 1 gram per ounce, and 4 to 40 times multiple the oil content of Zaatar herbs from other regions.)  The sumac also grown near the base of mount Hermon in Southern Lebanon.  The sumac is tested to be at least 50% from lemony and bright than common sumac widely available.

We offer this za'atar mix in a relatively generous seven ounce portion because we are confident you will enjoy it beyond a seasoning or spice.  Try it as a dip food by dunking fresh bread or vegetable into olive oil then the Zaatar - sprinkle it on salads, soups, and sandwiches - stir it into a yogurt - knead it into dough and pastry - and experiment with its many culinary possibilities.

Our Za'atar's are hand-mixed using ingredients from most recent season harvests. Flavors remain strong for about two years, if stored in airtight container in dry place away from heat or sunlight.  

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Wendy H.
So great to enjoy Zaatar without the sesame seeds

The title says it all. It still has the same great taste.

Maryam A.
Great Quality!

I am so happy to have found a great quality, sesame free zaatar for my baby who is allergic to sesame seeds! High quality, great taste, we love it!

Sam R.
Awesome Zaatar

I’ve repeatedly bought zaatar from the NYC spice retailer and this blend is significantly better. The zaatar smells and tastes so much fresher, with stronger herbal tones. I purchased the sesame-free version for Passover and can’t wait to try the sesame zaatar blend.

Brian K.

My previous choice when I first bought Zaatar was from Amazon. It was thyme and sesame seeds with a little sumac and salt.
REAL Zaatar herb (Origanum Syriacum) is way better. I chose the sesame-free version, and I add sesame seeds sometimes but not always. EXCELLENT product. And I use a tiny fraction of the amount of the other brand. It makes yours a much better value. Thanks!

very satisfied

Delicious Zaatar, excellent service, i highly recommend it,

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Zaatar and Olive Oil Pair
ernest h.
Taste of the Mediterranean

Best Zaatar that I've found, and the people are great.!!

So great to enjoy Zaatar without the sesame seeds

The title says it all. It still has the same great taste.

Very nice mild flavor!

At first the taste is surprisingly light, but it is distinctly olive flavor. Not the peppery spicy flavor in some other oils. Reminds me of those mild yummy black olives I use in salads.


This is the absolute best Zaatar found anywhere. It’s the real deal. Little on the pricy side but you get what you pay for. Very clean.


The za’atar I received was far superior to any I’ve had before.
It is packed with flavour and retains some of the natural moisture.
I would not hesitate to recommend it!